My news will have to wait until Virginia comes back from Paris, which should be in 3 or 4 days. It’s terrible to admit that I am so dependant on her for assembling the blog.

Whenever I mention Virginia, I am referring to Virginia Jones, friend, photographer, shipping guru, and toast of three continents (okay, two.)

Perhaps I’ll ask her to follow me wherever I go, as my photographer-in-residence. Sort of like Michael Jackson’s combination bodyguard/personal magician. No lie, that was his official title.

When I was playing with the Temptations in Las Vegas, Michael Jackson happened to be in Vegas at the same time. Michael LOVES (loved, sorry) Dennis Edwards, and although Michael was afraid to go out in public, he sent his personal magician/bodyguard to our dressing room to pay Michael’s respects, and while he was there he did a few magic tricks for us. Wish I could remember his name…

You can check out Virginia’s Paris trip by visiting http://paristhroughmylens.blogspot.com/

Come back next week when order has been restored to the universe.