My Beloved – Kathy Parsons

My Beloved
Michael Dulin
2015 / Equity Digital Music

Michael Dulin wears his heart on his musical sleeve on his most romantic and possibly most personal album to date, My Beloved. One of the most incredible pianists on the planet, Dulin’s original music is graceful and elegant with his classical roots in clear evidence. Dulin began his musical career in the classical realm, competing at an international level. He started composing music in about 2003 and has become one of the most beloved and admired pianist/composers in the contemporary instrumental music field. Dulin’s music usually falls into the new age category because it doesn’t easily fit into any one genre. More classical than anything else, there are also strong jazz influences, but it is Dulin’s amazing technique coupled with his heart-tugging sensitivity and sophisticated touch that put him into a genre all his own. Something of a pianist’s pianist, who hasn’t drooled over those magical fingers flying effortlessly over the piano keys, expressing anything and everything he chooses? On some of his previous releases, Dulin has used keyboards in addition to his Steinway, but this album is pure solo piano heaven!

My Beloved begins with “Beloved,” a sweet love song that begins with a simple but very tender melody that evolves into a breathtaking showcase for Dulin’s expressive (and very impressive!) playing. “Devotion” was composed as a way for Dulin to tell his wife that he loves her more than anything. Lyrical and graceful, it is not as complex as some of the pieces, but comes straight from the heart. “Chanson” is a slow, romantic waltz that accompanies a promise to dance together in Paris someday. “Through The Night” is a favorite. The gentle flow of the piece is deeply introspective and feels very free and in the moment. “Walking Joy” is light and carefree, played at an easy pace that is relaxed and happy. “My Treasure” is another favorite. More than a bit Chopin-esque, the simple melody flows effortlessly over the passionate underpinnings of the piece – gorgeous! “As Long As We’re Together” conveys a strong sense of contentment and optimism without being sugar-coated. The regular pulse of the left hand contrasts with the free-flowing right, making this a fascinating piece on several levels. “When I Think Of You” is a magical love song that reminds me a bit of Liszt – so beautiful! “Rhapsody” ends the album on a playful note that always makes me smile – I can’t wait to play this one!

With My Beloved, Michael Dulin proves once again that he’s “The Man” when it comes to the piano! Let this wonderful music transport your heart to a world of love and devotion where all things are possible. The release date for My Beloved is January 20, 2015 but the album is available for pre-release purchase at Amazon. Sure to be a Favorite for 2015, I give My Beloved my highest recommendation.

Kathy Parsons
posted 1/3/15