My Beloved Review – Rotcod Zzaj

There are times when the only thing that will satisfy my musical appetites is some great solo piano…. as “regular” readers here know, I’ve received a great deal of work from Michael, and I can tell you that since I received this one, it’s been spinning over (& over & over) again.  Pieces like “As Long As We’re Together” clearly let his partner know just how much he cares for her… simple, yet beautiful, work!  One thing that makes Michael’s piano work so well on this sonic outing is that the pieces are all originals… in my mind, for piano work, that’s a very necessary element… and on the dance-oriented piece, “Chanson“, you’ll find yourself stepping out on the floor (even if it’s only mentally).  My personal favorite of the dozen pieces offered up was “She Walks In Beauty“… the recording quality is excellent, and clearly will remind you of all those long strolls you’ve taken with your love.  Michael’s lovely (and loving) solo piano work again gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of (a perfect) 5.00…. meaning it also get the “PICK” of this issue for “best solo piano”!  Get more information about Michael and his great work at Michael’s website.