Numero Uno

Hello boys and girls,

Long time no post. I have been real busy, mostly with mundane things that you really don’t want to hear about. In that case, no news really IS good news…

Couple of things are going on now, though. I just found out yesterday that Timeless II made it to #1 on the world airplay charts in the new age genre. Pretty cool. Check it out by visiting and clicking on the charts tab. There you can see me sitting on my throne.

I am also excited about our upcoming island vacation. Sorry I can’t tell you WHICH island. You might want to crash the party, and I want to have my beautiful bride all to myself for a while. Our boy Adam will be Rileysitting at our house while we are gone. Thanks, Adam!

I will be playing at a church in Shrewsbury, PA on June 18th. I am really excited about this, because it will be the first time I have been asked to talk about my Christian life at a concert. I hope that I can do more concerts like this one.

Talk soon.