For almost 3 months I have been in almost total lockdown because of the pandemic. It has been a season of sadness and introspection for me. I have had time to think of all the people I have lost – both of Jan’s parents, her Aunt Lorene, George Doerner and his sister-in-law MayAnn Smith in Savannah, and my sweet Mother, followed closely by my cousin Freida Bearden, who was more like an aunt to me. We lost a wonderful friend, a great, selfless and courageous man in Hilton Head – Bud Ehlers. Many more, whom I won’t mention here, from Jan’s family, my family, our church family. 

Over 100,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the United States, and so many more from all over the world. Never have so many had their lives turned upside down, and many will never recover. Whole communities decimated, savings totally wiped out, bankruptcies, suicides, and more. 

Our lives are so fragile. Our jobs, our way of life, all the things we expect to continue as they always have, suddenly do not. It has changed my perspective about so many things, and we are far from the end of this plague.

I have grown closer to God, my wife, and have become inspired to write new songs after a 2-year lull. The music is flowing from me like water, and I am very grateful.

I am writing music and lyrics for what I think will be some good new songs, and you will probably hear me sing for the first time in the months ahead.

I am grateful for my faithful, creative, loving and forgiving wife Jan. I cannot contemplate life at all without her. 

Finally, I have finished my home gym and am learning to cook! Nobody who knows me can believe that.

This time has also been a time of growth, of promise, hope and accomplishment.

I would very much like to know how the pandemic has affected you and changed your life. God’s blessings on us all.