Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season, my favorite time of year.

Thanksgiving Day itself is bittersweet, for on that day, even as we enjoy spending time with family, we remember with sadness those we have lost. Both of Jan’s parents died in the past few years; they had lived with us, and in doing so, became like parents to me.  To know them, was to see where Jan gets her beautiful spirit, character, and heart for service. She has a beautifully humble saying that she shares when we talk about her parents, “I have drunk from many wells that I did not dig.”

After this day of thanks and remembrance, Jan swings into action, turning our house into the SOUTH North Pole in a period of just three days.  She is in total Martha Stewart mode, asking me to bring down TONS of decorations from the attic, telling me to put this HERE, tote that over THERE, bring the ladder to hang this garland, haul that up from the basement, go get the extension cord and bring me some batteries, but no, not THOSE batteries…a decorating world without end. Amen.

How do I rise to the occasion, with a turkey “hangover” and Riley cozily looking on  from his dog bed?  The first thing I do is put on some Christmas music, perhaps even my own Christmas at Our House, which puts me instantly in the Christmas spirit.  I’ve collected a variety of Christmas albums by various artists over the years, from David Lanz to David Nevue, and the sound of my favorite Christmas songs, even in November, makes me feel like Christmas is here.

When I look at the beautiful home Jan has made for us, I wonder how I got so lucky. With her by my side, every day seems like Christmas…