What Moves You?

I have always been what my Mom calls “extreme” – a person who sees things in black and white with no shades of grey.

Always striving for perfection in music, I have held as my heroes artists whose playing or singing is technically impeccable: singers who can sing in tune and not breathe between syllables, pianists who have a beautiful tone and don’t miss any notes, lyricists whose songs have a structure and use good grammar.

But the more and more music I hear, write and perform, the less and less I am interested in what is correct.

I care about what moves me.

I have found that, when listening to music as performed by others, the one thing that is the difference between good and great is total commitment.

This is the way – the artist saying “I may not have the greatest voice, but I have to do this. You may not like it, but I have to do it!”

I’d like to hear from you: What moves you?