When Fans & Friends Meet

One of the greatest things about touring is that I get to meet wonderful people. New fans become friends as I return to a city the 2nd or 3rd time. I truly enjoy keeping up with them, with what’s going on in their lives, and of course Facebook has made this so much easier and enjoyable.

Flying to the NW for my recent tour there, sitting next to me on the plane was a man returning to Seattle after visiting his family on the East coast. Bill (not his real name) is as liberal as I am conservative. We are both passionate about our beliefs, and had a lively discussion which made the flight from Atlanta to Seattle seem very short.

We talked about everything – government social programs, fiscal policy, cultural issues, and much more. It was everything you could wish for in an exchange of views with one or the other questioning one’s source of statistics, ceding a point here and there, admitting that more study is needed. Did I mention courteous? Absolutely, and very entertaining for both of us. Some go so far to say it is a lost art.

So entertaining, in fact, that I invited Bill to my concert in Seattle. And he came. I was very pleased when he told me at intermission what a wonderful time he was having!

In fact, he was one of the last to leave after the concert.

There is something special about people who love music. After the Seattle concert, not only did I enjoy meeting new fans and seeing friends. I loved seeing the way the members of the audience enjoyed meeting each other. Almost the entire audience was still there an hour after the concert was over, with people from all walks of life discovering with joy just how much they have in common.

The opportunity to meet great people is, indeed, both a blessing and one of the best perks of being a musician! I’m honored that you’ve allowed me to share this story with you and I hope you’ll keep in touch on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/MichaelDulinMusic) or via my special fan email at Notes@MichaelDulin.com